The Process Of Finding A Tax Attorney

If you are currently having a serious problem with the Internal Revenue Service, your tax returns are being audited or you want to start a business and need some help with tax-related issues, then you should consider hiring a tax attorney, this is a professional that is qualified to handle personal or business tax and is trained to serve you as a financial consultant or legal adviser as well as represent you in criminal tax matter. Considering how important their function is, you should always make sure you find the best tax attorney. Here are some tips to help you with the process.


A tax attorney has a completed bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting, must have a Juris doctor, and a license to practice law in the state. Check the credentials with your state bar. Depending on your tax matter, the attorney should also have a master of laws in taxation, as well as being certified as a public accountant. Keep in mind that attorneys with more qualifications may cost more money, but will also be the best choice if you have a serious issue.


It is important to verify if the tax attorney has experience dealing with the tax matter you are facing, whether it is a criminal tax matter, an audit by the IRS, or just need consultation regarding delicate financial tasks like finalizing plants for your funeral. This is important because you know the attorney has the experience as well as unique insights handling tax matters like yours and can win your situation. Pay a consultation fee and explain your situation to the attorney, after that the attorney must tell you if he or she has experience with it. The attorneys from the Hillhurst tax group have more than the necessary qualifications and plenty of experience in a wide range of tax situations.


Do your research through the internet and check in sites like Yelp what are the opinions on the attorney, ask for references and check them before hiring an attorney. You can also ask the state bar if there are any disciplinary actions or complaints on file for the attorney.

The attorney you choose needs to be confident, assertive, who is looking for your best interests, and be by your side during any complex tax matter. If you want to find the best tax attorneys who can help you during the most complicated tax matters contact the Hillhurst tax group.