Who Has Custody Of A Child When The Parents Are Not Married?

Two Parents Fighting Over Child In Divorce Concept

Child custody is one of the most contested part of any divorce. It is also an emotionally draining matter.

A child custody case requires the knowledge and skills of a competent lawyer. When choosing a child custody lawyer, this must be borne in mind. A reliable divorce lawyer long island has clients best interests in mind and will work with you to achieve a reliable outcome.

The real focus in any child custody dispute should be the child. A child custody lawyer Los Angeles should strive towards a solution which is in the best interests of your child and works for the two of you. Lawyers recommend mediation or collaborative law to avoid the uncertainty and stress of a trial. But if litigation is necessary, your lawyer should zealously advocate your case in a court of law.

It is important to know that courts determine the best custody arrangement for a child based on a number of factors, such as:

a) Who has been the main caretaker of the child

b) The home environment of each of the parents

c) The parental skills of each parent

d) The strengths and weaknesses of each parent

e) The ability of each parent to cater for the child’s special needs, where necessary

f) The mental and physical wellbeing of each parent, including whether a parent uses drugs or drinks

g) Whether one parent has been violent to the other or to the child in question

h) The working schedules and the child care plans of each of the parents

i) The relationship of the child to other family members

j) Where the child is old enough, the parent the child desires to live with

k) The ability and willingness of each of the parents to cooperate with the other parent where it is required for the good of the child

Remember that these are general guidelines and each child custody attorney los angeles case is unique in its own sense. A competent child custody lawyer Los Angeles will analyze each of those factors so as to pitch a strong case for you. It is also important to note any deviations in behavior of the child and former spouse during the dispute so as to present a favorable argument before the judge.

A legal child custody dispute should not mean contempt and scorn for the counter-claimant. It basically means that the best interests of the child are considered and presented to the judges in the most effective and efficient manner. That is why hiring a competent attorney is important.

In case you foresee a legal child custody dispute because of a divorce, know that a lawyer can help you throughout the process. Avoid anxiety or speculation and do not be threatened by your former spouse when the law is very clear on this matter.