How To Find Private Money Lenders For Real Estate Deals?

If you’re in need of fast, hard money real estate lawns, the right Los Angeles hard money lenders will make a world of difference in your ability to finance a major real estate purchase. But, not all hard money lenders are created equally. So, what should you look for when you need a hard money loan as a borrower?

Professional services

When selecting a hard money lender, you should look for Los Angeles hard money lenders that are

  • Experienced in hard money loans and real estate transactions
  • Offer financing for commercial and residential purchases
  • Offer competitive pricing/interest for the loan
  • Offer guaranteed approval, as long as the hard money loan (and real estate purchase transaction) make sense
  • Have a proven track record in funding purchases and assisting real estate professionals in making the right transaction.

Terms/Loan Rates

A hard money lender should also offer you reasonable rates when you’re taking out a loan. With California Hard Money Direct you’ll find

  • Rates fluctuating from 7% up to 9.95% for both commercial and for residential deals
  • Extended terms, of up to 30 years for the hard money loan applicants take out
  • Loans up to $20 million in value for commercial purchases, and up to $10 million for residential purchases
  • Funding for all types of residential purchases, commercial, and for mixed-use funding needs

There should be no limits on the type of property which you can use the funds to purchase. When you are looking for a hard money lender, you should have the freedom to invest in the properties you wish to invest in as a real estate mogul. With the help of California Hard Money Direct, you have that liberty. As long as you can come up with a viable plan, prove that the hard money loan is a worthwhile investment, and showcase the reason you need the funds to make the transaction/purchase, we are here to help.

No matter how much you need when investing in a residential or commercial real estate investment, Los Angeles hard money lenders can help you with the financing and funding you require in order to make that transaction go through. With the help of California Hard Money Direct, not only can you make an investment which will allow you to grow your real estate market, but you can also gain instant access to cash funds you need to invest in highly competitive markets in the local area and neighboring regions.