What Should I Ask Before Hiring an Attorney?

You know that your employer does not have reasonable accommodations for you at work. If you are disabled, and can’t reach your desk or have issues going to the bathroom because there aren’t ADA restroom stalls in place, what should you do? It’s not only disability claims, when it comes to employment cases, there are so many questions you have. Are you going to get fired if you file a claim against your employer? What if a coworker is harassing you, can you file a claim against that person as well as your employer for not stepping in?

Why work with a lawyer

The most important thing to remember is that you do have rights when you are an injured employee. There are many ways your employer is going to try to handle the case. Some will try to threaten you and tell you they are going to terminate you if you file a worker comp case. Others are going to tell you that you can’t file a lawsuit if a coworker is responsible. Then there’s harassment, termination, issues with ADA and disability, as well as several other cases you might be dealing with. 

Your team is not only going to help you navigate through the complex field of employment law, but also point you in the right direction as to what you should do. If you should avoid talking to your employer, they’ll let you know. If a coworker hurt you, the team will help you file a claim against that person for their negligence, which has led to your injuries. Ultimately, the right lawyer is going to work to preserve your rights, and to make sure you are going to be compensated in the manner (and to the extent) you should be compensated. 

Do not let your employer threaten you or try to tell you that you can’t file a lawsuit; or, that if you do, they are going to terminate you. If you are facing any employment concerns or issues, don’t hesitate to contact the team at employeerightsattorneygroup.com to guide you and help you. With the top legal experts on your side, you can be comfortable in knowing your case is being handled properly and you’ll receive the compensation you’re owed.…

Why Should Companies Run Background Checks?

The hiring process can often be tedious in and of itself. You might find yourself going through dozens of applications when, at last, an application surfaces that embodies the kind of person you’re looking for – is a background check really* necessary at this point? It will take a bit of patience, but it’s a small price to pay. Those companies that need to do background checks put themselves in a much better position than those who skip it – and often find themselves paying the price later.


When a company is looking for a new hire, they’re looking for someone who can do the job, and do it well. However, that is not all that is expected from an employee. A top priority for any and all companies is employee safety. Some applicants are simply too risky to hire. For example, companies that need to do background checks normally wouldn’t hire someone with a history of violent convictions to work with children. Knowing your new hires, and what they’re capable of, can add extra protection for the company and the company’s employees.


Wouldn’t you want to know the skilled and experienced worker you just hired truly is* the skilled and experienced worker they are said to be on paper? By performing a background check, a company is able to verify any education, certifications, and experiences that are listed on an application. Some positions require certain degrees of education, while others require an applicant’s authorized legal standing to work. A background check can verify an applicant’s honesty and reduce liability. For example, taking on an experienced artist as a new attorney for a firm would add a hefty weight of liability. First, this artist would have to hold a Juris Doctorate from an accredited law school. Second, this artist would have to pass the state BAR exam in the state they wish to practice law. This artist may be hard working and have the extensive legal knowledge, but this does not give them the legal standing to be an attorney! Again, a background check can do just that – give you the green light to put a checkmark next to the applicant’s name and credentials, giving you peace of mind about your new hire.


Companies that need to do background checks simply have something indispensable: peace of mind. Sure, a background check will take more time and test some patience. But, in the end, it is worth it to be confident in who it is you’re hiring and bringing on to your team. Rest truly can be more assured when know that your new hire does possess the right knowledge and skills needed for …