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Lucas moves to Boston

After about seven years at HeraldTribune.com, I am sad to leave it and all of our accomplishments behind. But it's time.

I just completed my first week as Interactive Media Director for BostonNOW.com. It's a start-up free newspaper with more than 100,000 circulation and growing. We're taking on some large, entrenched players in a competitive media market.

Anyone reading this blog regularly knows that I've long sought this fight. Through a heavy emphasis on local breaking news and user-generated content, BostonNOW.com will prove its business model is the future. A free daily newspaper could start tomorrow in your backyard and erode the traditional competition. Keep close watch.

If you've been reading this blog regularly, then you also know what to watch for.

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Congratulations! Now get that auto-playing video ad off the homepage, ok?

In all seriousness - it sounds like a great gig. I've been hearing about BostonNow for a while, and I'm sure you'll be able to battle in a busy market.


You can bet that auto-playing video ad is at the TOP of my list.

I've been keeping a close eye on the strategies of free newspapers. They may be where the printed aspect of this industry is headed. It'll be nice to see your perspective.

Congratulations and good luck on the new gig.

Boston's a great city, too.


you might also suggest that they put up an "about us" page (not just a contact us page) with more information about the company and perhaps the names of a few key folks, if nothing else.

Or maybe that information is somewhere on the home page and I just can't find it.


There is a lot to do. And believe me, I've got a list going. Thanks for the suggestions.

Congrats, Lucas! It sounds like an exciting opportunity to try something new. :)

Jimmy L:

Congratulations Lucas! I'm sure you'll have fun at your new job... Too bad you didn't just start up your own Lucas Report or something :)

If you read the drudge report, here's another good site: drudgetracker.com

Congrats on the move. I'll have to look for you at the next online news meeting that I watch.


See if you will consider a free stand alone global letters to the editor site Publishaletter.com a business model of the future

Michael Walker:

Congratulations on your move. I hope you and yours, well one in particular, have found a cozy warm spot or two to relax into.

Sarasota has suffered a great loss and Boston, well Bean Town just monopolized. We all miss you greatly, even if we haven’t taken the time to call, write, or send a card.

On another note; as a teacher, teaching science, what are your views, or your reader’s views, on incorporating blogs and other digital media platforms into their class rooms? Is education a key to your future market? It seems to me that my students already know how to do it all and I am hopelessly lost.

Too often I find that I am too bogged down to do all the cool stuff that could be done. Honestly I don’t have enough time with my students to even begin to break the surface of any concept let alone explore mastery. Sorry to ask such a simple question, but could you direct me to some descent tutorials on blogs and starting your own blog.

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