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Top 10 blogs I read

The much anticipated lucasgrindley.com blogroll debuts today. During the last couple months, I've used the "most visited" tool from del.icio.us to monitor the blogs I frequent. As a result, the blogs are listed in order of how often I visit them. And I've decided to post only the top 10.

Congratulations to Will Sullivan's Journerdism, which I apparently use the hell out of.

1. Journerdism, Will Sullivan

2. Journalistopia, Danny Sanchez

3. Media Blog, Howard Owens

4. Teaching Online Journalism, Mindy McAdams

5. The Editor's Log, John Robinson

6. Yelvington.com, Steve Yelvington

7. Buzz Machine, Jeff Jarvis

8. Journalism Hope, K Paul Mallasch

9. Martin Stabe

10. Innovation in College Media, Bryan Murley

There are more of you out there who I read, but some I've learned about just recently. I'll update the top 10 list whenever it seems to have changed permanently.

Expect the blogroll to be added on the right side of the page shortly.

Comments (5)

John Robinson:

Thank you for including me. Yours is part of my daily routine, too.

Oh, this is so unexpected! Just to be nominated is an honor.

::pulls list out of cleavage::

First, I'd like to thank Lucas. My web host. Libraries. Legos. My teachers and previous employers. My mom and dad. My dog Yeltsin. The creators of the Internet, especially those that enforced net neutrality...

::music starts playing off me stage::

I'll catch you yet, Will Sullivan.

Thanks. And I read you, too. But I'm more of an RSS guy.

Wow ... #3 ... now the pressure is on to not disappoint.

Wow... That's impressive company. I'm rather flattered.

Thanks, Lucas. I'm honored to be in such fine company.

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